Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Out Of The Black by Lee Doty

It is the end of a nearly perfect society. Beautiful, happy people still drive electric cars to fulfilling jobs like any other day, but no one noticed that the Apocalypse began a few weeks ago.

Now the perfect society's misfits are its only hope for salvation, but they're barely keeping it together on a normal day:
- A homicide detective burdened by an unforgivable failure investigates an impossible murder.
- An overweight nurse comes out of her shell exactly long enough to be attacked by a dead man.
- An introverted computer genius and his insecure girlfriend are marked for death by a conspiracy so ancient it predates written history.

Each of these damaged strangers holds a piece of the puzzle, but as they begin to find each other, they realize they are being stalked by a methodical killer with the pure heart of a child.

Now they must piece together the mystery and find the courage to stand together against an ancient, hungry apocalypse.
Now they must learn to trust each other and trust themselves.
Now they must become the heroes the world needs before the darkness falls forever.

Sometimes destiny falls unexpected into the most broken lives, like a stone fallen out of the clear black sky.

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